Maximizing Efficiency with Vertical Lift Module and Conveyor Storage

In today’s fast-paced eCommerce distribution, the efficiency and speed of order picking can make or break a business. One solution that’s been gaining prominence in industrial storage is the Vertical Lift Module (VLM). Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. is at the forefront of providing tailored solutions for your warehousing needs. With over 40 years of experience delivering customized storage solutions for various industries, including eCommerce, Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. So, it offers a range of VLM systems that revolutionize how businesses handle order picking and product storage.

The Effimat Advantage

For businesses that demand efficient, flexible, and rapid order picking, the Effimat Machine is a game-changer. It’s three times more efficient than traditional VLMs, significantly improving your order fulfillment operations. Effimat’s ability to reduce the footprint required for storage by as much as 75% makes it an ideal choice for businesses where space is at a premium.

Effimat excels in presenting products for picking, with a capacity of up to 55 pounds per tote. The tote size is 15.74″ x 23.63″, and storage heights can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. This innovative solution can seamlessly integrate into your existing or new conveyor systems, directly connecting picker locations, buffer areas, and shipping systems.

Reliable Vertical Storage

If you’re looking for a more affordable yet reliable vertical storage solution, the ClassicMat is your answer. This traditional Vertical Lift offers a robust and dependable storage system that caters to various industries. A rack and pinion drive system and tray capacities of 881 or 1,102 pounds ensure your products are stored securely.

The ClassicMat provides flexibility in terms of depth, with options of 25/59″ or 32.38″. You can also choose from a range of machine heights, from 11 feet to 787 inches tall, making it suitable for various warehouse configurations. Its versatile design allows for the structure of up to five different product heights. With each storage location accommodating products up to 25.59″ tall.

The ClassicMat has a 22″ Touch Screen Operator Console, which utilizes Effisoft software for intelligent height optimization. Furthermore, it offers convenient power outlets for scanners and printers, enhancing the efficiency of your order-picking and fulfillment processes.

Complete Conveyor Solutions

Efficient order fulfillment is not limited to vertical storage solutions with Vertical Lift Module. Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of services, including consulting, designing, installing, and maintaining conveyors for order fulfillment and distribution warehouse projects. Whether you’re transporting products from pick modules, carton flow systems, or shelving. So, Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has the expertise to streamline your operations.

Their conveyor integration services provide a holistic approach to order fulfillment. You can enhance your operations with features like in-motion scales and weighing systems. Therefore, print and apply solutions for labeling, sortation systems for optimizing product routing. The freight dock loading equipment for a smooth transition to shipping. The integration also extends to I-Pack Machines, making your packaging and shipping processes more efficient.

Complete Conveyor Integration

Efficient order fulfillment and distribution require a holistic approach. That’s where Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. steps in with a comprehensive range of services beyond vertical storage solutions. They offer complete conveyor solutions that encompass consulting, design, installation, and maintenance. However, they are ensuring that your order fulfillment process is optimized for efficiency and productivity.

These conveyor systems can transport products from various areas within your warehouse, including pick modules, carton flow systems, and shelving. Whether you need to weigh and label products in motion, sort them for optimal routing, or seamlessly transition them to freight dock loading equipment. Furthermore, Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has you covered. Their expertise extends to integrating conveyors with I-Pack Machines, further enhancing your packaging and shipping processes.


In eCommerce distribution, maximizing efficiency, flexibility, and space optimization is vital to success. Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. offers innovative solutions like the Effimat Machine and the reliable ClassicMat, providing businesses with the Vertical Lift Module. So, they need to streamline their order fulfillment processes. Additionally, their complete conveyor integration services ensure that your warehouse operations are seamlessly from picking to shipping. Therefore, we are helping you meet the demands of today’s fast-paced eCommerce environment. Whether handling a high volume of orders or dealing with limited storage space. Moreover, Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has the expertise and solutions to help you thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce distribution.

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