USED Complete 2K Stak System

7 bays Per side (14 total bays) Long, 2,000# per pallet for 42″ Deep x 52″ Wide Pallet Size.  System is repainted and rebuilt as needed.


Overall Length:    35′

Overall Rack Height:   13′

Overall Height:   15’5″

Overall System Width:  15’3″

Rack Depth:   43″

This Unit does have the cantilever front extension.

Sold with 37 total Stak Pallets 

Call for Pricing & Lead Time

FOB: Goldfield, Iowa 50542


Pallet Rack Workbenches

Basic Workbench – Gray and Orange – 38″ Tall x 32″ Deep – $1,200

Basic Workbench
Basic Work Bench

Steel Workbench – Mobile Unit – Gray & Black – 38″ Tall x 32″ Deep with Casters – $1,600

Work Bench with Casters
Work Bench with Casters

Steel Workbench – Stationary Unit – Gray & Black – 38″ Tall x 32″ Deep with Peg board Back – $2,400

Work Bench with Peg Board Back
Work Bench with Peg Board Back

USED Conveyor

Roach Brand – 66′ Long – Pallet Handling Conveyor Lines

This particular line is a straight 66′ long, used in manufacturing to shuffle pallets between operations or between rooms. The conveyor is belt over roller. Included with the line is: 2 – 8′ long Ball transfer table ends, 2 motor drives and 50′ of powered transportation conveyor, strands, belting, 2 – AC Inverters 208-230V, 3 Ph power & red push button estops.


OAW:   48″

B.F.:    45″

OAL of Line:    66′

Floor to Top of Roller:   30.5″

Rollers Length:   44.5″

Steel Rollers:   2″

Roller Centers:   4″

Price is $5,800.00

FOB: Goldfield, Iowa 50542

Used Conveyor Belt System
Used Roach Conveyor System at a glance
Used Conveyor Underbelly
Used Conveyor System Body
Used Conveyor Motor
Used Roach Conveyor Serial Number
Used Conveyor System Accessories
Used Conveyor Emergency Stop Button and Panels
Used Conveyor Belt Control Mechanism

Kundel Bridge Crane       SOLD

1 Free Standing 3 ton Kundel Bridge Crane.

System was New in 2014, Sold to Customer for $70,000.00

Consists of (1) 3 Ton Capacity Bridge with One Each 2 Ton Wire Rope Hoist + One Each 1 Ton Wire Rope Hoist Bridge and Hoist Trollies are fully powered

Bridge Width:   23′-2″

Hook Height:    163″

Runway Length:    37′

Top of Bridge:   16′-9″

Top of Runway:   17′-8″

Overall System Height:   18′-9″

FOB: Goldfield, IA 50542

Price: $30,000.00


Kundel Bridge Crane
Kundel Bridge Crane
Kundel Bridge Crane
Kundel Bridge Crane
Kundel Bridge Crane Drawing
Kundel Bridge Crane Drawing

Gorbel Crane – SOLD

Gorbel 1 Ton Freestanding Structure

  • Consists of 6 Columns and Headers
  • Runways are 49′ Long x 22′ Wide – 21′ Wide bridge width on 18′ runway centers
  • 12′ hook height, 15’9″ Overall Structure Height
  • There are two – 2,000# Aluminum Bridges
  • Layout Drawing is attached for reference only
  • FOB: Goldfield, Iowa 50542
Gorbel Crane
Gorbel Crane
Gorbel Crane
Gorbel Crane Blueprint Design

3 Total USED Lodestar 1/4 Ton Electric Chain Hoists


  • 440-480/3/60 – Electrical
  • 14′ of Chain Lift with chain Container
  • Average Condition –     $700.00 each

 FOB: Goldfield, Iowa

CM Lodestar
CM Lodestar
CM Lodestar

USED Lyon Shelving

Closed Style units are ideal for industrial and commercial storage and organization. These units are used where storage applications require materials to have additional stability or containment.

row of used shelves  single used shelving unit  used shelving unit up close


Closed Shelving ready for shipment. 

36” wide sections x 18” deep x  7′ tall with closed sides and backs.

The shelves rated for 500 # each

6 Shelves per section

$75.00 a section for 4 or more sections 

FOB: Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533




Pallet Rack is the main component of almost every warehouse storage system.
MWS has an economical solution for your project expansions or new construction.

Keystone Pallet Rack

Limited Availability:

Used Keystone Selective Pallet Rack.

The Upright Frames are gray and the Load Beams are orange.

 42″ x 192″ Upright Frames                           96″ x 4.25″ Load Beams
3″ x 1-5/8″ Columns                                      1-5/8″ Step
Rated at 16,000#                                          Rated at 5,000#
with 48″ Beam Spacing                                capacity per pair 

FOB: Eagle Grove, IA 50533
Call for availability  515-635-1555



A perfect solution to maximize your pallet storage density and save warehouse space is the Pushback rack.

Pushback Rack


One Row 15 bays long of Advance Structural Push Back Rack –  3 Deep x 3 High for a total of 270 Pallet Positions.

The system is 15 – 100” Bays or 130’ long x 240” tall x 156” deep.

Will store 270 – 2,500 #,  Standard GMA Pallets

Cart Wheels are in great working order.

Lead Time is 3-4 Weeks.

FOB: Eagle Grove, IA

LOT PRICE: $24,000.00

Tax, Freight, and Installation to End User (Not included in price..To be quoted)





STAK® Systems are adjustable racking, comprised of a system of removable, adjustable pallets and a captive lifting and handling device that facilitates retrieval in as little as 2 minutes. One operator can efficiently manage loads weighing up to 2,000 lbs. in less than 250 square feet.
STAK® “2K” System is rated for 2,000# per pallet storage. The Stak uprights are 12’ tall, the overall height of the system is around 15’-16’.
There are 12 Bays per side with a 6’ pass through center aisle – the Rough length of the system is around 60’ long x 16’ wide x 16’ tall.
There are a total of 118 Stak pallets 48” x 48”.

Upgrades Include:
Cantilever front, this allows the pallet to be placed out in front past the uprights for easy forklift retrieval. Another upgrade includes the powered mast, which is an upgrade from the manual push/pull mast – standard option. The mast is powered down an aisle, push/pull in and out with the pallet still required for bay storage. Uprights and Framing color is beige, STAK pallets are beige as well.


The unit is sold, delivered and installed by MWS.

Installation, Travel, and Freight to end-user (Not included in price..To be quoted)

Freight requirements: 1 – Van Semi Trailers (NO REFEERS) and 1 – Flatbed

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