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Glen Sievers

Maintenance Supervisor PDI

PDI is one of the cold warehouse facilities for Hy-Vee Grocery Stores in the Midwest. Our warehouse has 375,00 Sq. Ft of vertical cold storage. The warehouse was built in 1986 and was fitted with cold rolled steel racking. Ove the course of time the cold rolled racking started to fatigue. The weight of product was bending the racking at the vertical angle joint, causing an unsafe working environment.

PDI met with MWS and discussed Pallet Rack Repair Solutions because of the following reasons. MWS’s Pallet Rack Repair Solution is one third the price of replacing the entire rack system. The rack repairs DID NOT create ANY downtime in our warehouse operations. The repair system exceeds the structural integrity of the existing rack system.

Utilizing the MWS Rack Repair Solution allowed PDI to avoid any downtime in the warehouse picking area. No overhead product had to be relocated for the rack repair, nor did any fire system sprinkler piping. PDI did not incur additional labor & material cost with this solution.

MWS, Inc. technicians were very organized and worked well with PDI’s working conditions. MWS completed the repair withing the expected time frame and did not affect PDI’s productivity. The project was a complete success and PDI will implement the MWS Rack Repair Solution for the remaining cold rolled steel racking on the next budget cycle.