Warehouse Design Services

Developing the optimal warehouse layout design, requires a profound understanding of warehouse processes, space efficiency, equipment & technology, client’s short & long-term goals and client’s storage and/or handling challenges.

MWS, Inc. will carefully analyze each project and tailor a design layout specifically to achieve the client’s vision.

If your company is looking to renovate or redesign its current warehouse layout, MWS, Inc. can assess your current operations and design a system that makes the best possible use of the available floor and vertical space in your facility.

tilted picking shelving in warehouse

What is Warehouse Design?

The intelligent and patented Box Mover Technology allows the EffiMat to dynamically handle standard boxes and to operate both vertically and horizontally. This results in an increased picking performance of at least three times higher than conventional vertical storage lifts.

The order picking system is able to give out up to five different standard boxes containing different product numbers or items in each working cycle. The height of the boxes and the partitioning can be varied to allow intelligent pre-sorting of small parts. Barcode scanning already prevents errors during placement into storage. The withdrawal is supported by the Pick-by-Light procedure and ensures error-free and user-friendly picking.

The EffiMat can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a standard element in an individual complete solution. Storage automation and robotics are easy to add

Service we provide

Our warehouse layout design experts will provide you with:

  • A solution that supports revenue growth targets through strong service levels
  • A solution that supports margin enhancement through productivity improvements and cost controls
  • Solutions that are financially analyzed and justified
  • Solutions that are evaluated for operational flexibility to allow the business to adapt to changing volumes and sparse labor availability
  • A collaborative design process that educates as well as develops ownership among the project and operations teams
mezzanine stairwell in warehouse

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