Clip Shelving comes in two different styles, open style, and closed style. The difference between the two styles is the metal sides and backs found in the closed shelving which “closes up” the shelving, keeping products cleaner, more organized and secure.

Clip shelving are roll formed channels made from 14-gauge steel. They consist of four upright posts, which are available up to 16’1” in height, shelves with clips, X-bracing for open style or metal sides and backs for the closed style shelving.

The shelves for these units are available in heavy, medium or light duty construction to cover a wide range of capacity requirements. The shelves are engineered for superior strength and are triple bent on all four sides. The shelf clips drop into the holes of the upright post to support the shelf. These shelf clips are more ideal for faster change outs of the vertical spacing between shelves.

The Open Style shelving is excellent for storage of sealed boxes and totes where products are stored. The backs and sides of the shelving are open and supported by sway braces. The open units allow light to penetrate your storage area and provide for free air flow around materials.

Open Shelving

Closed Style units are ideal for industrial and commercial storage and organization. These units are used where storage applications require materials to have additional stability or containment. These units have 24-gauge steel sides and backs that are used to close up the shelving and stabilize each section to prevent products from falling off the sides or back of the unit.

Closed Shelving


  • General to high capacity storage
  • Open and closed storage
  • 1-1/2” vertical shelf adjustability
  • Custom shelf widths 24”- 60” in 1/16” increments