MWS, Inc. can help you find the right Stanley® Vidmar® workstation that best suits your needs.

These workstations are built to stand up to the harshest work environments. The workstations come with many accessories to fit your individual needs.

Technical workbenches are a lighter-use version of the standard heavy-duty workstation.
These workstations are ergonomically designed to increase employee productivity at tool workstations, medical or electrical lab counters, or in general industrial offices as well as decrease the risk of injury.

Workstations (blue)



Open Bench and Panel Bench Legs

  • Formed steel leg units predrilled for fastening (open bench)
  • Manufactured with knockouts for standard two-outlet electrical fixtures
  • Combination of open bench legs and panels (panel bench)

Side Panels

  • Riser Shelves and Corner Riser Shelves
    • Bench corner riser shelves
    • Workstation riser shelves
    • Workstation corner riser shelves
  • Back Stops and End Stops
    • Flat steel panels used to enclose the lower rear of riser shelf
    • End stops are flat steel panels with rear portions formed and pierced for attachment to backstops and/or riser shelves

Back Panels

  • Predrilled for fastening to riser shelf and bench top
  • Formed steel panels used to completely enclose the rear of riser shelf


  • Available in several heights and shelving configurations
  • Allows convenient shelf-style storage as part of your workstation
  • Available with standard and sliding doors and bookcase risers

Stringers, Footrests and Footrest Shelves

Splice Kits

  • Used to join two workstation tops to form a corner workstation
  • Splice kits include predrilled metal plate and attaching hardware

Power Strips

  • Can be attached to the face or rear of a bench riser, to a work surface shelf, or to a workstation backstop
  • Available in silver-gray enamel finish or in beige

Fluorescent Lights

  • Available in lengths of 18″, 36″ and 48″

Pencil Drawer

  • Can be used with any Stanley Vidmar workstation

Recessed Bases (3″ H)

  • Provide additional toe space at work or issue areas

Kick Plates

  • Ideal for parts issue or high-traffic areas
  • Designed to protect the outside floor-level surface of your workstation cabinets
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Mounted directly to cabinets

Sling Pickup Feature

  • Allows a workstation cabinet to be lifted when fully loaded (6,800#)
  • Consists of four threaded steel blocks welded to columns inside workstation cabinet

Four-Way Pallet Base

  • Allows forklift entry from all sides of a workstation cabinet

Corner Spacer Kits

  • Allow any workstation cabinet to turn a corner
  • Available in 33″, 37″, 44″ and 59″ heights