Stanley Cabinet (blue)

Stanley® cabinets allow maximum use of cubic space for the highest density storage.
Cabinets are available in your choice of height, width, drawer interior and color and can be customized to your exact needs.
The built-in pallet base design makes moving the cabinets easy, even if they are fully loaded.


Drawer Partitions

  • Span the entire width or depth of the drawer

Drawer Dividers

  • Use with the partitions to subdivide drawer space

Plastic Bins & Dividers

  • Removable bins are ideal for storing smaller items

Plastic Quarter Trays

  • The tray has 20 compartments
  • Takes up 1/4 of a standard drawer

Label Holders

  • Holders snap directly onto the divider
  • Identifies the drawer compartment contents

Plastic Groove Trays & Dividers

  • Ideal for elongated items
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Takes up 1/5 of a standard drawer

Groove Tray Divider Label Holders

  • Can be used to divide compartments in a plastic groove tray
  • Identifies the tray compartments with paper labels & vinyl protective shields

Hanging File Frame

  • One filing kit fills a standard drawer
  • Holds two rows of hanging files


Drawer Locking Systems

Master Locking Systems

  • Allows you to create custom locking and access for cabinets and drawers

Security Drawer & Top Panel

  • Key-activated security drawer locks will lock one specific drawer
  • Security panels provide locks for all of the drawers except for the top drawer

Single Drawer Release

  • A mechanism device that allows you to only open one drawer at a time
  • The release mechanism ensures that only one drawer will be open at a time and no other drawers can be opened

Individual Drawer Padlock

  • A single drawer to be locked by a padlock with a latch plate connected to the cabinet and extending through the drawer

Lock In/Lock Out Latches

  • Prevents the drawers from moving when opened and closed all the way
  • The latch releases when the drawer is raised

Hinge Lock Bars

  • Double-action bar must be both lifted and swung out of the way to access drawers
  • May be secured with a padlock
  • Provide extra security
  • Bars on XW, SL, DL and DW shelf door cabinets are center-mounted on double doors

Keypad Lock

  • Able to program up to 25 different user codes
  • Eliminates lost keys