Lozier Shelving

Are you looking to build a new retail store?

MWS offers the full line of Lozier retail shelving for all applications. We have over 30 years of experience providing sales and installations of lozier shelving store set-ups up to 100,000 square feet.



Lozier offers Strong, High Quality Shelving Solutions

Lozier shelving, also known as gondola, are freestanding fixtures that easily adjust and are used by retailers to display merchandise.  They consist of a flat base and a vertical component that features notches, pegboard, or slatwalls. Lozier can form rows of shelving with being placed end-to-end and can also be used as an endcap. These durable and attractive shelving units are easy to assemble with no bolts, screws, nuts or tools needed.


A shelving run consists of multiple sections that are double sided utilizing both sides of the shelf post such as a starter + adder.


A shelving run that consists of multiple sections combined with one wall end unit. These are single sided with the back against the wall.

Here are some of the basic components used to build gondola shelving

Gondola Shelf Styles


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