Let MWS, Inc. provide a quick and easy solution… Pallet Rack Repair Units. This permanent rack repair system is designed to fit any type of rack and respect the original configuration of the uprights while reclaiming the original loading capacity. The rack repair kits are bolted on, so no welding is required, allowing the installations of the units in any environment, including freezers.

All Damotech repair kits are installed using a proprietary hydraulic lifting system that allows for installation in less than an hour with minimal to no unloading of your racking, providing a long-term return on investment. It is a lot more efficient than upright replacement, which typically forces you to unload all the affected bays before dismantling your racking system in order to replace the damaged upright.


DemoPro Individual Leg

Single front leg column damage is the most commonly found rack damage in warehouses today.  The DamoPro single leg repair unit replaces the front column leg, lower horizontal & diagonal brace with a fully engineered bolt-on repair unit. The DamoPro unit is heavy duty built using a 3”x3”x1/4” thick square tube post with a solid 1/4” thick footplate that gets anchored using two 5/8” Hilti anchors. DamoPro units are ideal for damage that has occurred 6” – 48” off the floor. All repair units are available in painted or galvanized finishes.


DamoPro DBR

The DamoPro DBR model is designed to reinforce and repair upright frames that have severely damaged front & rear columns. End of aisle plates can be used at the end of pallet rack rows to provide additional protection in high traffic areas where rack damage is likely. This plate bolts to our DamoPro units and gets anchored to the floor using 5/8” Hilti anchors.



The DamoCan is a slope leg repair designed to permanently repair and reinforce bent and twisted front column upright damage found in drive-in rack systems or double deep rack configurations. Slope leg units also have been used to convert existing straight leg upright frames to slope leg to provide better aisle clearance when forklift maneuvering is difficult.


Damoguard PF 2

DamoGuards are a proven quality solution to prevent damage on new upright frames, end of aisles, tunnel bays or anywhere you want to prevent damage. These guards wrap around the upright frame and protect the most critical portion of the upright – the first 24” off the floor. The column guard gets bolted to the column post and anchored using 1-5/8” Hilti anchors. DamoGuard will prevent uprights from buckling or twisting, due to frontal impacts and forklift abuse.