Double Deep Reach layouts save space! Typically made up using narrow aisle layouts, storage density is realized along with throughput. Forklifts DON’T enter the rack system, saving time and eliminating wear and tear.

The double deep pallet rack is a high-density pallet rack system that is configured with back to back rows of the 2-deep selective rack. This is very commonly used in the cold storage industry for both dry and freezer warehouse application. With this configuration, you create an extremely dense 4 deep system that is accessible from both sides. These systems are available in roll-formed or structural design and original slotted or teardrop style columns.

With this unique system, one row of selective pallet rack is placed behind another providing twice as much storage in the same amount of floor space. To reach the second pallet position, you must use a special 2 deep reach truck. The reach truck operator places a pallet into the deepest part of the rack system first, then another pallet is placed in front of that. The greatest benefit to the double deep rack system is the reduction in the number of aisles.


  • Increase floor space by approximately 60%
  • Dense pallet storage
  • Cost efficient
  • Fewer aisles
  • Full selectivity
  • Design flexibility
  • Requires the use of a reach truck

Reach trucks use an extended reach mechanism that allows you to store pallets two-deep in the double deep rack. Reach trucks are designed for racking areas with narrow aisles. The trucks use a hydraulic scissors-type mechanism that allows you to pick up the load and retract it, allowing you to turn in a narrower aisle.

MWS, Inc. will create a layout to maximize space