MWS, Inc. can provide you with a variety of specialty products to accommodate your needs.

These products range from straight link coil chain and buoy chain to drive wall sprockets and grinding mill liner bolts.

Winch Tail Chain

Straight Line Machine Chain

Straight Link Coil Chain

Sash Chain Spec Table

Sash Chain

Cast Drive Sprocket table

Cast Drive Sprocket

Drive Sprocket Replaceable Teeth

Long Wall Mining Chain table

Long Wall Mining Chain

Padless Shackle Connectors

Shackle Bolt (1)

Shackle Bolt (2)

Special Chain Connector - table

Special Chain Connector (1)

Special Chain Connector (2)

Grinding Mill Liner Bolt table

Grinding Mill Bolt

Grinding Mill (Grade 2)Grinding Mill (Grade 5)Grinding Mill (ASTM-A449)Grinding Mill (ASTM-A354 - Grade BC - Grade BD)