Powered Gantry

Interested in a Powered/Motorized Gantry Crane?

Powered gantry cranes are available in an almost unlimited number of capacities, spans and heights to meet your lifting requirements. These can be single or double girder, single or double leg or cantilever style. Powered gantrys are often used where overhead runways are not practical but movement across a production floor or between work cells is needed. 

PF Series Powered Gantry Cranes: 

  • Capacities up to 15-ton
  • Height under I-beam, standard up to 35'
  • Spans standard up to 40' 
  • Spans custom up to 50'


  • V-Track Drives: Two motors drive rigid steel V-groove wheels along a fixed path.
  • Guide Angle Drives: These are ideal for installations where gantry runs along a wall. Two motors on one side of the gantry drive trackless poly wheels that are led by a small guide angle on the floor. The guide angle lags into the floor at the base of the wall.
  • Truly Trackless Drives: When you need to keep your shop floor clear of all tracks and angle guides, a selector switch in the control pendant selectively turns each motor on and off to guide the gantry along.
  • Top running end trucks
  • Multi-speed AC inverter drives
  • Air-driven power drive kits
  • Crane controls
  • Push-button stations control

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