Powered Hoists

MWS offers a Full Line of Powered Chain & Wire Rope Hoists - Electric & Air-powered

Standard electrical powered hook mount chain hoists are very common for push/pull trolleys on workstation bridge cranes, jibs and gantrys, generally up to 2-ton capacity for manual applications.

We offer a full line of hook mount electric chain hoists from Columbus McKinnon & Harrington which include:


MWS offers the Full Line of CM & Harrington Electric Chain Hoists

The Budgit hoist is designed for tough manufacturing jobs and everyday lifting requirements. These offer an economical choice, dependably built for heavy and repeated lifting cycles. Available in 234/460 3-60, 208V & 115/230V. Capacities 500 lbs to 3 tons.


Are you Needing a Chain Hoist with More Capacity?

The CM Powerstar electric chain hoist features space saving alternatives to wire rope hoist with high speed lift capability. These are designed for heavy duty industrial applications, a wide range of lifting speeds and capacities to 15 tons.

Do you Need a Light Duty Wire Rope Hoist?

MWS offers a complete line of YALE powered wire rope hoists with capacities from 15 to 60 tons! If you are looking for a simple hook mount electric wire rope hoist we have a solution for you. These are ideal for light duty applications, have lightweight housings with compact strength, are portable and affordable.

Coffing Hook Mount Electric Wire Rope Hoist - 500 to 1,000 lbs capacities

Looking for an Industrial Wire Rope Hoist?

The Yale and Shaw-Box double reeved wire rope hoists offer capacity one ton to 7.5 tons. These heavy duty hoists offer high-torque and smooth load handling.

The YALE Cable King single reeved is a great option for monorails or deck mount applications. These offer capacity 1000 lbs to 25 tons.

MWS offers a full line of CM - single reeved & double reeved wire rope hoists. The Yale LodeKing provides extreme durability and performance for industrial applications with 30 to 60 HP motors available, along with a wide range of lifting speeds. Capacities available 15 to 60 tons. These are ideal for Class D service requirements.



MWS offers Class 1 - Division 2 Group C&D Indoor/Outdoor Hoist Solutions

Contact MWS to design a CM hoist that will work with your application and requirements.


MWS offers a full Line of Air Operated Chain & Wire Rope Hoists 

Air Chain

  • These air powered hoists allow heavy items to be lifted and positioned as part of manufacturing assembly or warehousing. Air chain hoists are ideal in manufacturing, power and industrial facilities.

Air Wire Rope

  • These hoists provide strength and productivity that you will need to lift and position any load. These hoists are available in a wide range of capacities and lifts to accommodate any industrial or hazardous application.

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