Monorail cranes are the right solution for production areas that require lifting and moving products along a fixed path, such as paint lines and moving raw materials to workstations, or warehouse to warehouse transfer.

  • Capacities: up to 2-tons.
  • Span Lengths: unlimited
  • Trussed Tracks: steel, stainless steel or Alu-Track enclosed tracks
  • Support Structures: ceiling-mounted or freestanding.


Free Standing Monorail are excellent for when:

  • The building structure cannot support a crane
  • Ceilings have other obstructions
  • You need a semi-permanent solution
  • You want to customize width and length
  • You want to use a floor-mounted monorail in conjunction with a ceiling-mounted system

Ceiling Mounted Monorail tracks can be:

  • Flush-mounted parallel to ceiling beams
  • Cross-mounted to ceiling beams
  • Mounted with any length drop-rods including hangers for slopes up to 14 degrees
  • Available with switches, curved tracks and other components needed for a complete monorail system