Jib Options

MWS offers several types of jib cranes. The free-standing floor mounted is probably the most commonly used type, wall mounted and portable solutions available as well. Free-standing jib cranes offer a 360° rotation  while column/wall mounted offers a 200° rotation.


Freestanding/Foundation mounted crane options:

Free-standing units can be installed inside or outside. Standard paint options along with galvanized finishes are available. Free-standing/foundation mounted jibs offer higher lifting capacity, longer spans and greater rotation. Rotation stops can be pre-installed or installed in the field to restrict movement and limit travel. Concrete footings are needed with heavier capacity and longer span jibs. We will determine the size of footing for you.



Concrete footings will be needed for heavier capacity and longer span units. MWS will determine the proper footing specs for your application.

Floor installation templates can be purchased with all free-standing units to allow precise installation and anchor placement.

Foundationless Jibs For Light Duty Applications

These were designed for lighter duty applications, the restrictions are as follows:

Capacities - 500 to 1,000 lbs.

Boom lengths up to 16' 

Under boom height from 8' to 14'

Wall-Mounted Options

Wall mounted units are ideal for maximum headroom and trolley travel. These can be mounted at any height on the wall or building columns where strength permits and true vertical alignment is possible. Hinges consist of self-lubricating teflon bearings and hardened pins.

Capacities1/4-ton to 5-tons.

Boom lengths up to 20' on select capacities.


Articulating Arm Jibs

Articulating jibs are designed for reaching around, under, over and through doorways or around a machine center. Applications typically include custom welding, material handling, loading/unloading workcells or any other manufacturing process.

Standard capacities include 250 and 500 Lbs.

Spans from 8 to 20 feet

1,000 lb to 2,000 lb capacity models are also available 

Tie Rod Jibs

  • Tie rod jibs offer the same flexibility of the wall mount but can span to 30'.
  • Capacites - 1/2-ton to 5-ton
  • Boom lengths up to 30' on select capacities.





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