Looking For a Portable Fixed height Gantry Crane?

Portable gantrys are ideal for most repair and service shops in all industries. Supplied with four roller-bearing steel wheels for easy maneuverability. Standard designs range from one to five tons. Custom and motorized travel designs are also available. Motorized are for large capacities only.

* Capacities 1 to 5-ton

* Beam lengths 8', 12', 16'

* Epoxy paint

* Galvanized finish - Stainless steel- Aluminum for outdoor use   



Telescoping Height Portable Gantry

These offer even more user flexibility with the benefit of raising and lowering the beam to suit your needs. The beam will adjust from 8'0" to 12'0" with positive stops every 6". Raise and lower the beams with the aid of two cable pullers.  Standard design and maintains capacities from one to five ton. Custom and motorized designs are also available.




Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Starting as light as 116 lbs. aluminum gantry cranes are lightweight, portable and extremely stable under load.

* Capacities: up to 3-tons.

* Adjustable height under I-Beam: up to 12'2"

* Adjustable spans: up to 20' on 1-ton models and 15' on 2 & 3-ton models.

Here are some additional Types of Gantrys available:

Wide Flange

Wide flange cranes are excellent for your higher capacity applications, designed with single or double leg. They free up your existing overhead cranes and clear passages underneath for machinery, vehicles and personnel.


Single Leg

Our single leg cranes are excellent for narrow and confined spaces. One leg end is portable using wheels, while the other end runs overhead on a wall-mounted I-beam, where it mounts onto an end truck that travels on the top side of an overhead runway beam.


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