Free Standing Overhead Bridge Cranes

Free Standing Overhead Bridge Cranes consist of support structure runway rails, bridge, and trolley components. These are typically designed for each customer’s warehouse space and product handling challenges. Capacities range from one to 20-ton. We can include a fully powered bridge and trolley to allow precise movement in both X and Y directions. Typically, a modern 6″ to 8″ concrete slab floor is adequate for most designs.


Freestanding bridge cranes are a better solution when your structural building support is inadequate for a ceiling supported crane.

Freestanding bridge cranes offer the ability to be relocated should the work area or facility layout change.
We have reconfigured existing systems and added on to floor supported systems as well.

  • Capacities: 250 lbs – 20-ton.
  • Bridge Lengths: up to 60’
  • Runway Spans: unlimited
  • Standard Heights: 10’, 12’, 14’, 16′, 18′ & 20′

Free Standing Bridge Crane Kits

  • Plain, reinforced or trussed crane bridge with end tracks
  • Hoist trolley
  • Runway support columns
  • Runway trusses
  • Header beams
  • Hanger clamps, end stops & flat wire electrification festooning system
  • Hoists & floor anchors are provided separately from the crane structure