Ceiling & Column Supported Bridge

Ceiling or Column Supported Bridge Cranes will provide a completely obstruction free workspace under the crane system with no columns to maneuver around. These types of systems are great to span over the top of machine centers and production floors where space is a premium. These are very common in manufacturing facilities when capacities are generally less than 4,000 lbs. Our customers need to provide ceiling support detail and check with building engineers to outline capacity and hang.

Column Supported Systems are typically engineered in parallel with a company's building expansion or new construction project. MWS will work with your building layout and column size and spacing to determine the correct support centers for the runway rail. Runway supports can be as simple as a column welded purch - pre-engineered or field welded into place during installation of the runway beams. We have also provided "hybrid" systems that have floor supported columns located under one side of the crane runway beams and building supported on the other.

  • Capacities:  250 lbs – 20-ton 
  • Bridge lengths: Up to 40’
  • Runway spans: Up to 45’
  • Height: Determined by the ceiling structure

Will your Existing Building Columns Support Runway Beams for a Bridge Crane?

MWS can provide a single or double girder bridge for your application.

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