Midwest Warehouse Solutions, Inc. offers a full line of Columbus McKinnon, Contrx, Spanco & Harrington Cranes, Hoists and Rigging Systems.

Crane systems are vital equipment for manufacturing and assembly warehouse production floors. MWS will work directly with you to find the right lifting solution for your application, whether it’s freestanding or building supported. While we have provided larger capacity and span units, our experience and specialty would reside in 1/8 ton to 20-ton workstation systems.

What type of Crane System are you looking for?
MWS, Inc. offers endless solutions for lifting and handling products 1/8-to 20-ton capacity, whether you’re looking for a manual or fully powered, floor or ceiling supported system.

Different Types of Cranes


MWS, Inc. offers hundreds of hoist solutions. Basic electrical powered chain hoists to Class 1 – Division 2 – Group C&D – Indoor/Outdoor Units.

MWS - Hoists


Here are 5 quick questions we need to know about your project 

  1. Do you have an AutoCAD drawing of your building you can email?
  2. What is the application, including product sizes to be lifted, including weights?
  3. What is the maximum lift hook height needed?
  4. What type of crane system are you considering?
  5. Is the system floor supported or building supported?
  6. Are you ready to get a FREE QUOTE?