Unit heights 10’10” to 46’3”
Unit height increments 7.87”
Tray storage adjustability 1.0”
Tray widths 73.23”, 96.85”, 120.47” & 159.84”
Tray depths 25.75” & 33.74”
Net tray payload capacities 2,200#
Net unit load capacity 132,486#
Gross unit load capacity 154,567#
Maximum product heights 27.36”
Throughput Up to 60 trays/hour (depending on the unit configuration)
Operator interface 10.4” color touchscreen control console
Type of bay Internal or external, single or dual tray delivery
Minimal energy consumption 3kW vertical axis motor


  • Automatic tray weight measurement each time a tray is returned
  • Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific height
  • Galvanized steel internal frame structure
  • Vertical axis lifting design driven by two steel-reinforced toothed belts
  • Extractor’s vertical lifting system guided with eight HDPE rollers for each side of the elevator.


One Ton Specifications