Lift - Internal and External Product Bays

Unit heights 10’10” to 46’3”
Unit height increments 7.87”
Tray storage adjustability 1.0”
Tray widths 74.80” to 161.41”
Tray depths 25.75” & 33.74”
Maximum product heights 27.36”
Net tray payload capacities 551#, 1,102#, & 1,653#
Net unit load capacity 132,486#
Gross unit load capacity Up to 154,000#
Throughput Up to 120 trays/hour (depending on unit configuration)
Operator interface 10.4” color touchscreen control console
Type of bay Up to 3 internal or external, single or dual tray delivery
Minimal energy consumption 4Hp/3kW vertical axis motor


  • Automatic tray weight measurement each time a tray is returned
  • Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific height
  • Galvanized steel internal frame structure
  • Vertical axis lifting design driven by two steel-reinforced toothed belts
  • Extractor’s vertical lifting system guided with eight HDPE rollers for each side of the elevator.


Automated Vertical Storage - Lift Sizes