Installation & Electrical Requirements

MWS has been installing & Servicing Modula VLM's for 17 years!

We have a nationwide customer base and will travel to your facility regardless of location. We have site references in all the states colored red on the map below!

Installation is quick and easy due to the modular design of the structure. Most model machines can be installed from start to finish in a one-week timeframe. MWS will provide turn-key installation, providing all equipment and labor from start to finish excluding the required electrical power to the machine. 


Do you need to relocate your VLM?

If your existing VLM equipment needs to be moved or relocated, we can help!  We have moved machines across warehouse floors as well as completely disassembled and packaged for shipment to a new facility and reinstalled. 

Electrical Requirements for Lift VLM'S 



Electrical Routing for LIft VLM's