Modula’s help-desk service is available to all our customers. Most issues that arise are solved through our telephone support: our qualified technicians can drive the customer’s operators through simple hardware and software repair operations. Modula Customer Care: +1.800.361.0785

Our software department is always at work strengthening and improving the Modula software. Simultaneously, research and development are constantly focused on improving the hardware and components of our vertical storages. The latest versions of the Systore, Inside, Base or Modula software are regularly issued and made available to all Modula clients. We also offer long-term subscriptions that will automate the software upgrade to the new available versions. These updates and upgrades allow storage performances to operate at maximum levels.


We provide our clients with preventive maintenance packages that can be defined and dispersed upon the purchase of Modula’s automated storage units. The entire product line is under warranty with customizable service plans based on the unit’s effective workload as automatically recorded by the copilot operator console.

One of the best ways to guarantee the reliability of Modula’s automated storage machines over time is to perform scheduled maintenance based on the frequency of use. For your convenience, each machine is programmed to provide an advanced warning when its limits have been reached so that maintenance can be scheduled.

Scheduled Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspection of all hardware and software functionalities.
  • Elimination of possible hardware and software anomalies.


We supply original spare parts when you need them, and guarantee they will always be manufactured to Modula’s high-quality standards. Spare parts can be purchased in kits making it easier to repair the machines as quickly as possible. We also offer a few options for improving or customizing the performance of Modula’s machines. Whether you need tray dividers or product containers, they can be purchased at any time.