Why Choose the ClassicMat Vertical Lift Module?

• Are you looking for a good, simple VLM with proven reliability at an affordable price

• Have you received quotes for overpriced VLM’s? 

• Do you currently own a VLM that has left you unhappy with support, response times, and parts delivery?

If our basic VLM doesn’t offer the speed or throughput for your distribution needs, then you should be considering the EFFIMAT machine! 

ClassicMat Storage System with Adjustable Cart

About ClassicMat VLM’s:

The vertical storage lift saves space, operates at exceptional picking speed, optimizes picking ergonomics, and maximizes your material flow while storing a multitude of articles in the most compact way possible. When combined with a high vertical driving speed, the end result is remarkable efficiency and picking speed. The space-saving storage system cuts space requirements by up to 85% compared to traditional shelf-storage.

It is particularly suitable for handling heavy and long items up to 13 feet, ensuring flexible storage. The optional tilt function for improved ergonomics allows your employees to work in the optimal position and ensures a beneficial picking height.

The ClassicMat control console is positioned eye level on the front of the picking bay, centered ergonomically in the work cell.  

ClassicMat – VLM Advantages

  • Reduces footprint by up to 85%
  • Compact storage for long and heavy items
  • High quality and reliability due to the rack and pinion principle
  • The system electronically monitors the shelf weight and displays it to the operator
  • Classic vertical storage lift with high vertical driving speed
  • Automatically optimized running speed relative to bearing load
  • Simple configuration does not require planning for the article’s storage location
  • Simple integration into already existing warehouse management systems
  • Well-placed safety light barriers for safe picking
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

Drive System: Rack & Pinion

Rack and Pinion


CLASSICMAT VLM’s drive system is not the fastest VLM drive system on the market, but remains among the best for reliability!

The ClassicMat delivers increased operating security, reduced maintenance and a highly precise vertical positioning.

Improve Your Picking Ergonomics 

The ClassicMat operates on a goods-to-person principal, delivering items automatically to a user-friendly, ergonomically positioned, picking bay with a shifted light curtain.  This combination increases efficiency and eliminates bending, reaching and climbing to retrieve items. 

ClassicMat Storage Partition Bins



ClassicMat holding product in bins


The ClassicMat can be equipped with a unique tilt feature that allows even more ergonomic picking and reduces reach depth.





ClassicMat with extended tray depiction


The manual tray roller enables customers to load heavy duty parts with a crane into the ClassicMat. 


  •   Load up to 1,100 lbs
  •   Reverse compatible with existing ClassicMat
  •   Move 1,100 lbs horizontally with just 44 lbs of force
  •   Four sensors counteract misplacement’s of trays
  •   Intuitive software included 
  •   Ball bearing secure smooth and efficient operation