Automated Vertical Storage

Do you need to recover space in your facility? 

MWS, Inc offers a solution...Automated Vertical Storage!  A VLM (vertical lift module) will reduce floor space by compressing traditional static shelving footprints and maximizing the un-used vertical space in your warehouse. Our automated vertical storage systems can help recover up to 90% of available floor space! It will also increase picking accuracy, throughput, add product security and improve your workforce’s ergonomics! VLM's are the ideal storage solutions for all industries in manufacturing and distribution environments. Many companies have chosen this proven solution to organize and improve their work-flows. We will explain the machine further along with options to enhance picking operations.

Looking to Increase order fulfilment without adding labor?

Our line of VLM machines will help you realize picking rates of 120 trays per hour by condensing the inventory to a centralized location which reduces walking and searching time while pulling orders. Often customers tell us they want to do more with the number of employees they have but can't because of the restrictions with their current layout.

Technical Highlights: 

  • Unit heights: from 10'10" (3,300mm) to 46'3" (14,100mm)
  • Unit height increments on: 7.87" (200mm)
  • Tray storage adjustability: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Tray widths: from 74.80" (1,900mm) to 161.41" (4,100mm)
  • Tray depths: 25.75" (654mm) & 33.74" (857mm)
  • Maximum product heights: up to 27.36" (695mm)
  • Net tray payload capacities: 551lbs (250kg), 1,102lbs (500kg) & 1,653lbs (750kg)
  • Net unit load capacity: 132,486lbs (60,000kg)
  • Gross unit load capacity: up to 154,000lbs (70,000kg)
  • Throughput: up to 120 trays/hr (depending on the unit's configuration)
  • Operator interface: 10.4" color touchscreen operator control console
  • Number of bays: up to three internal or external, single or dual tray delivery
  • Minimal energy consumption: 4Hp/3kW vertical axis motor
  • Automatic tray weight measurement each time a tray is returned
  • Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific height
  • Galvanized steel internal frame structure
  • Vertical axis lifting design driven by two steel reinforced toothed belts
  • Extractor's vertical lifting system guided with 8 HDPE rollers for each side of the elevator

Why continue walking & searching for inventory? 


Parts can be brought to you!                                                                                                                                                                        


Is your Warehouse unorganized and out of Space?

See what others have done...









Out of space with no more room for Storage Equipment?

Why not put our VLM outside your warehouse walls?

Has your internal footprint expanded with production machines and raw goods? Do you have available space outside your building that is currently un-used? Why not put the machines outside the current warehouse walls and let MWS design & install a pre-engineered enclosure around the machines with a small opening to allow access to the picking bay?


How does a VLM work?

What is the difference between External and Internal Picking Bay?

External picking bays present the drawer forward or outside of the machine storage area, product can be much more visible. External bays are ideal for large bulkier items that may require the use of an overhead lifting aid to pick or put the product to the drawer. The downside of external bays would be the additional floor space required.


Internal picking bays are generally more common and mirror traditional picking methods, just like walking up to a service counter to pick your product. The drawer is delivered to the picking bay window at either the lower or upper exit rail position. Internal bays are more economical and will save you more floor space than external bays. Ask MWS to compare machine footprints for each model in external or internal picking bay.



Are You Currently Picking Like this?

Let us help improve daily ergonomics & safety by...

The optional sliding operator console allows for the standard fixed position console to be moved laterally left or right along the length of the picking bay and therefore acoss the operator's picking area, providing easier and quicker operation.


Eliminating the walking, searching, bending

Ergonomics is an important issue when dealing with repetitive picking environments or with handling of heavy or oversized products. Bending, reaching up, reaching in, lifting of heavier items that are too high or too low, all create potential short and long-term problems for the well-being of your employees.
Static shelving does not present items to the pickers without potentially exposing them to the risk of injury. Only so many products can be allocated to the "Golden-Zone" area of each bay

All While Providing Operator Safety


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