EffiMat Storage System with Conveyor



The fast and intelligent order picking system

EffiMat is able to present up to 200 boxes containing different products in an hour.

This exceptional order picking speed makes it at least three times more efficent than traditional Vertical Lift Modules.

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Why chose Effimat?

  • Output of up to 200 boxes an hour
  • Three times higher picking performance
  • Zero picking errors
  • Automated storage and removal of boxes possible
  • Boxes available in various heights and subdivisions
  • Space reductions of up to 75 percent
  • Handles standard boxes (400mm x 600mm)
  • Easy configuration and less planning input for the storage
  • High flexibility allows seamless connection to additional units of the EffiMat®, conveyor belts and robots
  • Patented Box Mover Technology
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
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