Ecommerce Storage Solutions

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

From order confirmation to outbound in 45 seconds.

Increase profitability by redefining the speed, traceability and accuracy of both inbound and outbound logistics. The degree of efficiency in outbound logistics can significantly influence the profitability of a company. By automating both in- and outbound logistics, a high degree of efficiency and accuracy can be achieved, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability. Our solutions are suitable for handling both high variety and volume of goods.

Ecommerce Storage Solutions


Automated Vertical Storage

Labor issues affecting your operations?

Technology and automation can be key solutions to help ease the labor shortage pain. Automated Vertical Storage solutions automate some of the most repetitive steps or tasks in your operations and redirects of some of your workforce to other areas of your business where their skillset could be put to better use.

Vertical storage solutions help to reduce the chance of human errors that would take time to correct later on, reduces floor space by compressing static shelving layouts and maximizing your unused vertical space in your warehouse, and product security.

It’s user-friendly and ergonomic design delivers the parts directly to the operator at the optimal working height, reducing travel time, searching, bending, and reaching, commonly associated with traditional static shelving.

Ready To Maximize Your Ecommerce Operation?

If your company is looking to renovate or redesign its current warehouse layout, MWS, Inc. can assess your current operations and design a system that makes the best possible use of the available floor and vertical space in your facility.

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